Embracing Downtime During the Silly Season

In our ever-connected world of smartphones and Zoom meetings, it can be more difficult than ever to turn off our work and prioritise downtime.

We answer emails while on holiday, take phone calls during dinner, and find ourselves anxious and jittery when we’re forced to rest.

Yet, the silly season is the perfect time to take some serious time off and embrace downtime. Here’s why.

Why Downtime is So Important

Our brains have become preoccupied with work. We’re unconsciously thinking about looming deadlines, packed to-do lists, and project ideas for the future. It’s no secret that it’s difficult to switch off.

However, similarly to the way our muscles need to rest and recover after a strenuous workout, our brains require the same respite.

If we’re constantly taking on new information and worrying about the next item on a checklist, there’s no time to consolidate. Our minds will actually start to work more slowly and inefficiently, clogged by too much clutter.

And that’s not to mention the realities of burnout.

Burnout doesn’t usually happen all at once. It’s a slow progression of exhaustion and mental fatigue at the hands of overworking. It’s both a physical and mental state that can have extremely negative effects on the long-term.

When you feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained, unable to focus properly or get any real work done at all, you can presume you’ve reached the point of burnout. It might take you weeks to recover. Or worse…

By taking some downtime and prioritising rest, we can prevent burnout before it even starts.

Let’s take the power back and hold downtime in as high esteem as we hold productivity. They’re both essential to fulfilment. You’ll be able to work even better and more efficiently without the unnecessary pressure and after a bit of downtime.

Let Our Paraplanners Take a Load Off

As financial advisers, you’ve got a lot on your plate. It’s a massive responsibility to manage someone else’s finances. However, if you find yourself overly stressed (or if you want to simply prevent burnout), we can help take a load off.

Our expert paraplanners can handle all of your financial document preparation. From SOAs to contract reviews, there’s really no need for you to do it all.

Especially during the holidays, have a rest and let our Australian-based paraplanners offer you the downtime you deserve.

Clique Embracing Downtime

Don’t worry – we’re taking our own advice! We’ll be embracing a bit of downtime during the holidays as well.

Our offices will be closed over the following dates:

  • 24th, 25th, 26th, and 31st December
  • 1st January

During this time we will also be operating in a limited capacity through the New Year. Any requests received now will be returned when we reopen in January.

Contact Clique Paraplanning today and enjoy some much-needed downtime this silly season.