The CliQueue

The CliQueue

One of the main gripes we’ve heard over the years is that outsourced paraplanning is a bit of a “black box” when it comes to what is actually happening with a lodged SoA at any given time. For example, as a financial planner, you’ll typically lodge an SoA, get an acceptance message and a quote, then not hear back until the completed SoA actually lands in their inbox.

This is a problem as it doesn’t allow practices to effectively plan for the return of SoAs and ensure fast delivery to their own clients. Of course, a practice could simply contact the paraplanner and ask when the SoA is due back, but when there are multiple SoAs in the pipeline it can be difficult to keep track of them all.

We came up with a simple solution – the CliQueue, our workflow management portal, exclusively available to our member practices. The CliQueue allows a practice to login and to see a mirror of our own workflow scheduling system. But, of course, limited to their own SoA requests.

In the CliQueue, you’ll be able to see:

  • How far the SoA has progressed through our production stages.
  • Which paraplanner has been assigned to your SoA.
  • The quoted price for each plan.
  • The expected due date.

The CliQueue is a unique system and helps put us far ahead of the rest of the outsourced paraplanning market. It’s a key part of our efforts to deliver an extremely high-quality service to our clients. After all, the point of paraplanning is to save your time and energy, helping you get back to your clients. With the CliQueue, gone are the days of chasing up your paraplanner. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting from us every step of the way.

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