Top Tips That Improve Working from Home

Productivity Tips While Working from Home

Are you finding that nothing gets done when you work from home? Try these tips to boost productivity while working from home, despite its challenges.

Shower and get dressed.

Getting ready for the day, even if you won’t go much further than the kitchen table, helps set the scene for productivity. While staying in your pyjamas encourages a slower start, getting dressed as if you would be headed to the office gets your mindset in check.

Structure your day.

Having a plan for the day will be a great help while working form home. A general rule of thumb when working from home is to plan deep, focused work in the morning and save admin work or meetings for the afternoon.

This works because, for most of us, our energy levels are higher in the morning and start to slump after lunch. Working from home allows us to follow our energy levels and get the most out of the workday.

For example, we like to do most of our writing work in the morning, crafting seamless SOAs for our clients. Then, in the afternoon, we’ll have meetings (even if it’s only via Zoom), finalise contracts, and respond to emails.

Create a dedicated workspace.

It’s important to create a dedicated workspace where go when it’s time to work. And, of equal importance, it’s also a specific place that you step away from when it’s time to knock off.

If you have a guest room in the house, consider converting it into a home office. But if you’re in a small space, make sure you find somewhere that’s only for work – even if that’s the corner of your kitchen table.

Set boundaries.

One of the most difficult aspects of working from home is drawing the line between work life and home life. It’ll be up to you to set boundaries to help stay productive but also to rest and recharge.

Decide that you’ll only work until 5 p.m. and commit to shutting down your laptop when the day is done. And on the reverse, commit to working during work hours instead of getting distracted by household chores.

You’ll also want to consider boundaries within your workday, too. For example, set limits on social media to avoid distraction, only check email three times a day, and give your family clear expectations about your schedule.

Pro Tip: Noise-cancelling headphones can be a life-saver!

Give yourself some buffer.

Even in the offices, things often take longer than you expect them to. When you’re working from home, there are even more distractions which can make even the simplest tasks take way longer than you planned.

Give yourself some buffer around each to-do list item to account for interruptions. Whether your kids keep bursting into the room or your neighbour tends to drop by out of the blue, you’ll be glad you were realistic about how long things actually take.


Working from home, especially if it’s new, will be difficult. So, go easy on yourself. It’s a big adjustment, so find what works for you. After all, that’s the beauty of working from home.