Time management is a hot topic in the world of work. For many of us, seemingly out of nowhere, our to-do list has taken on a life of its own and we have no idea where the day went.

While time management is a multi-faceted topic, we’re focusing on one aspect that can turn your work life around — delegation.

Here, we’re sharing our thoughts on how not to delegate and our tips for effective delegation to improve your time management skills at work.

How Not to Delegate

In the workplace, delegation often goes one of two ways. We either take on altogether too much. Or, we dump everything we don’t want to do on other employees or contractors. Both are bad strategies.

When we try to do everything ourselves, overwhelmed with our to-do list, there’s a high probability that the work you are doing will be done poorly. Not to mention, our mental state is sure to be all over the place, leading to unhappy employees or freelancers.

On the other hand, it’s important to delegate, not dump. Delegation is all about empowering your team, not pawning off the “dirty work.”

The point is, there’s a sweet spot with a delegation that allows you to work more effectively by asking for help without dumping your workload completely.

Tips for Effective Delegation

Hire the Right Team

Better delegation actually goes way back to the hiring process. Making sure your team is strong and talented will make the delegation process a lot smoother.

When you trust your employees and contractors to do the work as well as (or better) than what you can do, it’s easier to lean into delegating tasks.

Say No to Ego

Another key to effective delegation is watching out for your ego. So often, our ego gets in the way. It makes us feel like we don’t need any help and that our way is always best.

Obviously, this isn’t true. But, it’s difficult to see in the moment.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with work or too busy for your own good, consider how much your ego has taken over. Who might be able to do this better than I could? How am I making this harder for myself out of pride?

Tell your ego to step aside and you’ll be ready to delegate.

Choose Wisely

Once you’re ready to delegate and lighten your load, it’s important to choose what you take on and what you encourage others to work on.

Again, delegation is about empowering your team, not dumping pointless work on them.

Trust is important to any workplace running smoothly and effectively. You can trust that your team is making the most of their skills. And they’ll trust that you know what they’re capable of.

Effective delegation is a symbiotic relationship where no one feels underappreciated or exploited.

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