Clique Paraplanning

We are an Australian document-focused paraplanning group offering a range of services centered on Statement of Advice preparation for financial advisers. Our aim is to entirely replace the SoA creation process currently in place in your practice so that you can focus on actually being an adviser, rather than fighting with Microsoft Word yourself, or supervising staff in their battle with the document demons.

The actual process of document creation is a specialised role that neither you, nor your administrative staff should be handling on a regular basis. Even your in-house paraplanners should be focused on providing services that actively support the formulation of advice, such as research and product selection, rather than being forced to spend hours of time each week piecing together Statements of Advice which disrupts their regular work flow.

What we strive to do

Our focus is on the provision of beautiful, precise and compliant Statements of Advice and our expectation is that once you receive a completed document from us, it should be of a standard that you are able to present to the client without making any alterations whatsoever. By being focused around document generation, rather than research or administrative tasks, we are able to significantly speed up the document preparation process and implement standardised reviews for each document to ensure that it passes our stringent quality control measures.