What is paraplanning?

Paraplanning services include all the document-based and administrative services that coincide with a financial adviser’s job. By outsourcing paraplanning services, Australia-based financial advisers can focus more on delivering client advice without worrying about what’s going on behind-the-scenes.

What is Clique Paraplanning?

We are an Australian-based, document-focused paraplanning group offering various services centred around Statement of Advice creation for financial advisers . All our paraplanners are employees and based in Australia. Our staff has many years of experience individually, but we’ve also been working together as a team for many years as well. The longevity and stability of our paraplanning group is another huge advantage.

What documents can you create?

Our business centres around Statements of Advice for Australian financial advisers. That’s our specialty. However, we can also create comprehensive Records of Advice as well as perform Document Review and Analysis, Product Research, and consolidation of Financial Projections.

What are your turnaround times?

We can produce a client-ready Statement of Advice in 5 to 10 working days from the time we receive your request.

Why should I choose Clique for my paraplanning needs?

As a team, we’ve been working together for years. This stability and longevity give us a leg up on other paraplanning groups who hire contract paraplanning services outside Australia.

Which leads us to our next point – all of our staff are Clique employees, based in Australia which we see as a huge advantage.

Plus, with our document-focused approach and business centred around SOAs, we’re confident in producing quality, compliant, and client-ready documents that allow you to focus on the advising.

How do you ensure quality and compliance?

Since our team has been working together for so long, our peer review process is streamlined and effective. Every document that is completed at Clique Paraplanning is reviewed by at least one other senior member of our team, ensuring that your SOA is error-free and needs no adjustment.

How can I set up a meeting with your paraplanning team?

Please contact us to set up a meeting with our paraplanning staff.

What are your paraplanning fees?

Our outsourced paraplanning services are issued on a case by cases basis. Once we receive your request form, we’ll be able to provide a quote of our paraplanning fees. Rest assured, we are very competitively priced.

Does Clique Paraplanning have a refund policy?

We do not have a refund policy. However, we assure you that our expert paraplanners will create quality, compliant documents quickly and efficiently. Plus, any adjustments that are required, we’ll be happy to make.

Still, have questions? Feel free to contact us directly.

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